ERIMAX Receives Sole-Source Award for Communications Consultants Support to the US Census Bureau

Washington, DC, March 29, 2021 – In seeking a contractor to “provide the Communications Directorate with personnel possessing the necessary skill level to conduct activities in support of digital communications, email marketing, congressional and public affairs, organizational management, allocation and monitoring of financial resources, communications, and the evaluation thereof, “ the US Census Bureau awarded a sole-source, follow-on contract to ERIMAX, Inc.

Building on more than a decade of support to the Associate Director of Communications (ADCOM) mission objectives and requirements, ERIMAX committed to provide 19 Key Personnel with “a high level of experience and knowledge with strong research, analytical and process development skills needed for the data collection and dissemination operations.”

Over the next several years, ERIMAX will provide “support for Congressional and Public Affairs, National Partnerships, marketing, graphic design, editing, product development, digital communications and marketing, program management, strategic development, research, evaluation, analysis.”  

The contract specifies the following functional areas under this task order:

  • Task 1 – Support for Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs
  • Task 2 – Partnership and Outreach Strategy Support
  • Task 3 – Project Management Support
  • Task 4 – Marketing and Technologies Services/Public Relations Support