Communications Management

We help our clients build and carry out effective communications strategies

Erimax, Inc.’s, highly skilled professionals help clients build and carry out effective communications strategies, shepherding them through every step to boost their profile, presence and reach. We collaborate with federal agencies to create customized congressional communications, public affairs and marketing campaigns using clean, crisp content, visual design solutions and all media platforms to engage target audiences.

Congressional Communications

We have the people, resources and know how to help clients successfully communicate and work with congressional members and staffers. We know what it takes to get lawmakers to pay attention to client issues in the ever-changing political arena – and can support your efforts with the following personnel options:

  • Congressional affairs specialist
  • Communications director
  • Legislative correspondent
  • Scheduler/executive assistant/receptionist
  • Office manager and system administrator

Public Affairs

We are pros at helping clients develop and execute smart, polished public affairs strategies to strengthen market and media influence. Our consultants provide valuable insights into the political landscape and government procedures – and ways to sculpt fresh, innovative marketing campaigns designed to attract and maintain positive media coverage. We offer expertise:

  • Writing and editing consumer-friendly news releases, speeches, reports, articles.
  • Organizing news conferences, speaking engagements and events.
  • Developing strong contacts/placing content across all media platforms.
  • Working with advertising/marketing professionals to create favorable public campaigns.
  • Monitoring/tracking media coverage/brand mentions in real time.

Visual Design Solutions

Well aware that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” we deliver integrated design solutions that promise maximum engagement through carefully constructed visual storytelling. From information graphics and data visualizations assets to UX and website design, our visual solutions team is ready to promote your mission. Among our other areas of design expertise:

  • Brand and visual identity
  • Creative direction and management
  • Graphic design and Illustration
  • Email marketing management
  • Banner ads

Digital Strategy

We are well poised to help clients develop and implement a digital strategy that integrates and uses the web, social media, email and multimedia. We have the expertise and experience to develop new, effective digital dissemination and marketing approaches; design project-specific strategies/services; and create branding that adheres to all guidelines. We work collaboratively to convey key messages using data visualization techniques and methods – and help develop and grow digital first and mobile first communications efforts to broaden audience reach through multiple channels and in multiple formats, including social media platforms (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). We track news coverage in real time – and navigate standards, practices and policies/Section 508 compliance. We use the latest software packages, including Adobe Creative Cloud (Acrobat DC; Acrobat Pro; Illustrator; InDesign; Photoshop) and Microsoft Office.

Websites and Applications

We use best practices in designing/building websites and applications, and work collaboratively to ensure all features stem from a User Experience (UX) approach. We have deep experience:

  • Creating websites using SQL Service, PHP, JavaScript, XML and cascading style sheets
  • Maintaining/managing web servers, database servers, web hosting and site migrations.
  • Analyzing and implementing web-based solutions to complex issues.
  • Monitoring, assessing and reporting website performance/ performing software updates.
  • Managing online marketing projects from SEO to social media.

Content Marketing, Social Media and Email Platform Strategy & Management

We develop data-driven, audience-focused content/infographics (English, Spanish) to target all audiences, and integrate web search, social media and email marketing. Our skills in this area:

  • Managing email campaigns/communicating company brands through email marketing.
  • Analyzing current email marketing campaigns and recommending improvements.
  • Tracking and reporting on email campaigns to guide improvements.
  • Ensuring all email campaigns comply with current industry best practices.

Audience Research, Analytics, Voice of the Customer

We ensure everything we design and build speaks to end users. We conduct extensive research and user interviews to gauge their needs, and help clients improve content, messaging and websites to appeal to them in their unique voice and style.

Infographics, Multimedia, and Design Services

We collaborate with project leads/subject matter experts to create effective, catchy static and interactive data visualizations, including infographics, multimedia (video/podcasts) and digital/non-digital products (reports, news releases, articles, etc.).

Innovative Digital Services and Products

We specialize in helping clients explore and navigate the ever-evolving digital world to develop new services and products critical to communicating their message.