I want to document the valuable support the Census Purchase Card Program has received from your employee, [employee]. The exceptional work from [employee] over the life of the current BPA, and on prior contracts with Census, has been very beneficial to our efforts to improve the compliance of regulations and policies among the cardholders and approving officials.

Her stellar work ethic and invaluable knowledge regarding the Government Purchase Card Program has been a huge asset to our Branch. Please congratulate her for a job well done!

[Your employee] provides exemplary support and accomplishments of project/contract goals as the Program Manager for our ERIMAX, Inc. support. Her performance frequently exceeds and sometimes far exceeds our performance goals and performance expectations, resulting in sustained exemplary support and accomplishments of our project goals.

She demonstrates in-depth knowledge and understanding of all job requirements. [Your employee] needs little or no direction or supervision. She uses resources effectively, keeps abreast of current developments in her functional area while showing interest in learning and growing professionally.

I want to document the exceptional support our Division has received from your employee…he has worked tirelessly managing and mentoring the ERIMAX, Inc. employees who support the Division on two call orders, delivering all required reports to me on time, and working with me to discuss all matters and potential issues related to this BPA. I cannot emphasize enough how his leadership to your employees has assisted me as the COR and has kept the performance on this BPA at a high level.

…Your contributions to the Coast Guard are truly outstanding and have provided a lasting legacy. Your work ethic, customer service, expertise, and dedication have enhanced both CEU Providence and the MSPL. Know that you will always be an important member of the CEU Providence family. We wish you fair winds and following seas.